Higher Self Ascension

We have reached a time in the existence of our entire journey and that of planet Earth, where all that remained in the shadows shall be revealed. A convergence point where matter and ethereal shall become one in a cascade of enlightenment. The planet is no longer in the primordial shroud of darkness and its inhabitants now too are being asked to be the highest possible versions of themselves. Injustice, discord and indifference will pave the way for spirituality, brotherhood and equality. Science and spirit will merge to yield technological advancement that we can only dream of, whose only motive will be the propagation of love instead of profit. It will be the Utopia we have always dreamt of, but the vision to which we have increasingly become cynical and narcissistic about.
Surely the paradise I describe above could only be some foolhardy dreamscape, conjured up in the annals of fantasy and delusion. One has to only take a look around to scoff at such a lofty aspiration. But then, can you be so sure? What if everything that has been occurring in the world around you and indeed in your own personal experience is the means to determine the very end I have just described. Every single experience, emotion, thought and action, both positive and negative, is in fact specifically tailored by yourself and an innumerable army of invisible diligent workers, charged by love and universal spirit, to bring you to this point. A convergence point where the entire universe will support the rise of the planet into an age of elevation, where the actions and the misdeeds of the past are vexed into the eye of an all-consuming purge – a cleansing storm of pure high vibrational energy that will usher in a new age. A Golden Age. And this process of purification is Ascension.
For those of you that have read my first book, BE YOUR HIGHER SELF, you would have discovered several concepts such as balancing the Ego, Love, Masculine and Feminine energy, the Spirit world, the Age of Aquarius, Karma and Reincarnation and the seven Chakras. You would have also been introduced to practical techniques such as mantras, meditation, eating correctly, the Violet Flame, and Selfless Giving. These concepts were vital in beginning you on a journey, which was ultimately laden to bring to this point, where you can continue with it, attuning you to a more advanced level. Now don’t get me wrong, it is possible to conduct a voyage of discovery using the tools and information in this book alone, but without the necessary priming and instruction in the earlier book, you may experience difficulty in progressing the content herein. I am not trying to get another book sale out of you. What I intend for you is to get the most benefit and value from our journey together, and my earlier book provided the tutorial and practical for the undergraduate aspect of this learning, and this book is the post graduate study that requires one critical ingredient – YOU. The you that has already been meditating for a while, that has succeeded in balancing or ‘quietening’ the ego while maintaining an equilibrium between Masculine and Feminine energies. You have fervently used the Violet Flame and transmuted large aspects of your karma and negative energy, and now you are hungry for that next step. Something tells you that there is something approach-ing, and it is big. You feel at one with the people, animals, nature and energy around you. You feel that you are ready to enter the Spirit World and embrace the coming of a new age for yourself, humanity and the entire universe. And if you feel all of these things and so much more that is part of your newly discovered intuition, then welcome. You are ready for Ascension. And as I mentioned, you are the fundamental aspect, for only with you, the entire planet can ascend too.

So, what is Ascension?

Ultimately, ascension is the shift in frequency from a lower state to a higher. In this case, from the lower vibration of the Third Dimension to the Fifth. Currently the Earth and its complete physicality, including all of those who vest in it, are existing in the Third dimension, which exhibits matter in a low vibrational frequency. It is a state that our physical, emotional and metal bodies are attuned to. And in this state, we have developed a highly evolved ego that in its detachment from the Higher Self, or higher vibration, created karma, which has become intrinsic reality through many incarnations or lifetimes. In other words, by becoming so rooted in the lower third dimension we have lost our inherent connection with the higher dimensions that connect us with the universe or source. The penalty for this was repayment of debt in the form of karma, which many are coming to the end of, and as the Earth entered the Age of Aquarius in 2012, we entered a transition period in preparation for ascension.

As a part of the ascension process your aura expands, your chakras open and evolve, dormant DNA becomes activated, and karmic and soul contracts surface to be transmuted. Progress on your ascension path allows you to experience the higher vibrational realms of multi-dimensional consciousness.
Increased spiritual perception, awakened psychic and spiritual abilities, awakened compassion and unconditional love for humanity, the Earth and all beings, and a greater alignment with divine synchronicity are all symptoms of ascension.
There are however some ascension symptoms that can cause real discomfort. Challenges, emotional struggles, and mental and physical pain may occur as you walk the ascension path of transforming dense and lower vibrations into a high vibrational crystalline light form.
Ultimately, the ascension path is the final journey that you will ever have to undertake. Your higher self or soul has encountered all of its previous incarnations to reach this point in its sojourn on earth, carefully and diligently working through the layers of karmic experience and exhibitions of ego. Therefore, this is the most prolific time to be in existence, for you are part of the population that will bring about the dawn of a new existence by purifying yourself of all the baggage you have picked up along your many embodiments. By doing so, you become the beacon of light to which others will aspire and be drawn to. Your journey however, will be a lonely one and one that is fraught with peril. For you have to do battle with yourself, liberating latent negativity that you did not even know was there, prompting thoughts, emotions and actions that will seem totally out of kilter challenging every aspect of your being.

Learning to Love Yourself

Embarking on an ascension path means embarking on a path of self-discovery. The twin flame process is an indictment of the propagation of pure unconditional love. This begins squarely with one’s self. You cannot vibrate at a higher frequency without purging the lower vibrations that are harboured within you.
We spend our entire lives giving energy and love to others, in an effort to please because of feelings of obligation and guilt. You owe the people around nothing and you cannot spend your life, living it simply to please others particularly their impression of what it should be. Parents, partners, friends, family and even strangers in the workplace or in society at large have placed an invisible yoke around your neck that keeps you in a perpetual prison of expectation. We are all taught as children from an early age to be good little boys and girls, good citizens, good consumers, good patrons, good workers, good husbands or wives and good people – spending our lives in an enslaved pre-programmed delusion, where any focus solely on ourselves is to be denied and labelled as selfish or self-centred. Now, I am not suggesting that we suddenly become selfish, self-absorbed individuals, hell bent on ignoring or treating others poorly. No. I am asserting that selflessness and charity begin at home and all self-awareness begins with an introspective on who you really are. Often the behaviours and character that we exhibit in adulthood is the product of the environment which we grew up in, and while we all have a choice to forge our journeys and destinies, most of us simply give in and assimilate what is around us. We then carry these ‘burdens’ or fears with us and are incapable of seeking or living with love in its purity, because we are saddled with the ego-driven fears that we have harnessed since childhood, and that seem to become more prolific as we age.
So much of the fear and anxiety we harbour is a result of the poor level of self-worth or love that we hold for ourselves. How often have you stood in front of the mirror and been disgusted with the image that presents back at you, even though this is just naturally who you are, and not meant to be the air brushed model from a magazine? How often have you taken a job or career path because it is what your parents, family or culture determines? How often have you put the needs of others first, and your own last, as you tirelessly give without regard or recognition? How many times have you wished you were doing something else or, with someone else, but stayed where you were because that was what was expected of you? How often have you felt obliged to be busy or occupied rather than give yourself time to rest or just sit by yourself?
If each of us serves what was truly in our hearts without the recourse of fears such as guilt, failure or obligation, then happiness, well-being and love would prevail, however we continue to live under the spectre of denial and delusion, while everyone around you benefits from your subservient enslavement.
True ascension means having the courage to confess to your inadequacies and be true to your higher self and its higher energies. Facing these fears means recovery, and this may mean making radical changes to your life such as changing your career, location, relationships and how you personally look at things. And once you ‘awake’ to the falsehood of your own illusion, things will seem very different, and what you perceived as truth quickly unfurls into lies. But don’t be afraid of this. You are setting yourself free, and by doing so – healing.
Ultimately, You Get What You Give. So, opportunities to change will present themselves because that is what you want deep down. You want to break free from the modern-day enslavement to overstimulation, hence you have attracted an illness that presents the opportunity to break free.
We live in a world where being alone is labelled as lonely but is truly where the elixir of truth lies. You can’t find your true voice in the noise of others. The energy of healing lies in that true voice which will be discovered once the low vibrational noise of the ego is turned down, and there is no way to discover it whilst others are so fervently subscribed to that noise.
Remember to do the following to aid your healing:
• Take time out for yourself, and this may include sitting quietly either for rest or meditation, without the interruption of television, your smartphone or any other device.
• Take long walks through places with plenty of trees and nature, away from busy urban areas, and keep away from technology.
• Spend time in or near water, such as lakes, sea sides or rivers. Swim if can as water has remarkable high vibrational healing properties, but not in public swimming pools.
• Spend time in the company of pets and animals as they will give you unconditional love.
• Remove the toxic elements of your life! Only you will know what this means and how far you will have to go. Frequent meditation will begin to highlight certain negative emotions and energies as they rise to the surface, so don’t be surprised by changes in your behaviour, especially a new-found assertiveness and forthrightness.
• Expand you spiritual awakening by reading books on the subjects that might intrigue you. Join a meditation group, Yoga class or take Reiki treatments.
• Be prepared to let people go. Depending on where you are in your life, you may find that you must accept that it is time to move on and exclude certain people who consistently reinforce your negative feelings and actions, contributing to your condition. This might even mean people who have been close to you and have served you, but unfortunately as you leave those low vibrational fears behind, you cannot remain in a relationship with them, especially if they cannot, and are ultimately responsible for your downfall.
Turning your attention and energy to yourself will set you on the path to certain recovery, unearthing certain radical truths and even a new path for your self-discovery. Remember to embrace them with an open mind, love, compassion and patience. You have been quietly constructing your ego for a lifetime, so balanc-ing it and bringing it under control takes time so per-severe and don’t give up.

Excerpt from ‘FIX YOUR DEPRESSION & ANXIETY’ by Samesh Ramjattan.

Twin Flames

As you embark on the ascension path, you begin to attract, recognise or awaken your twin flame or twin soul.
Your twin flame is your cosmic counterpart or half. Like physical twins who share similar identities and traits, they share the same unique pattern of identity, and together you form a complete and whole divine reality and purpose.
In the beginning, twin flames were forged as one complete crystalline being from a pure divine spark. In order to take a physical form, they separated but incarnated together, one as the masculine and the other as the feminine energy, to fulfil a spiritual mission, as cosmic lovers bound together through many incarnations. However, along the way, ego-led earthly temptations caused us to create separate negative karma, drawing us further away as we needed to resolve our debts with others and losing our connection with our one true cosmic love. This reconnection of the One Soul, at a human level, involves the awareness, balance and integration of our masculine and feminine components, raising individual and joint consciousness. The Twins come back together in their last lifetime on the Planet, so that they can ascend together.

The twin flame connection is different from a soul mate. You may have many soul mate connections through your incarnations in the form of partners, friends, family and even pets. However, there is only one true twin flame who is a mirror of yourself and intrinsically the other half of you. You have probably felt their cosmic presence throughout your various incarnations but as you worked through successive bouts of karma you were not fated to be together until your total karmic cycle was complete, and once you did you will experience an irresistible and unfathomable attraction to be together, which the universe works harmoniously to facilitate. Once you do, nothing will ever be the same again. You will experience an uncontrollable need to be with that person all the time, experiencing a combination of joy, love, anguish and vulnerability. Recognising and awakening to each other is the beginning of ascension and the once the bond is established nothing or no one, not even you, can break it. It is the merging of two separate pieces of your soul toward one complete one, so that you may move forth toward ushering in a new dispensation of love. And while this process sounds like bliss, it is far from it.
The twin flame ascension process is ultimately about discovering unconditional love, and this is the only reason you have finally come together, to be the purest form of love incarnate on this planet. However, as you come together, the sheer power of this cosmic connection will unlock trapped karma, negative energy and old soul contracts that you did not even know were present, as you both strive to become the best and purest version of yourself. And this is no simple task, let me assure you!

Let us first explore the stages of the twin flame ascension process:

1. Self-Preparation
In preparation for meeting or recognising your twin, an emotional and spiritual purge that involves a focus on yourself and getting to the heart of your ego-driven fears, is what is needed, thereby balancing masculine and feminine energy through meditation. Embracing a love, first and foremost for yourself, is vital before engaging in the pure form of love that you will encounter with your twin. Invariably you will meet your twin at the end of your karmic cycle, and in the last lifetime on this planet. The more spiritually aware and prepared you are, the less tumultuous the twin flame process will be.

2. Recognition
When you first lay eyes on your twin flame, you immediately realise and know on a primal level that this person is very special. In fact, the intensity of this connection may be completely overwhelming! It is a natural pre-programmed inclination to resist some-thing as intense as this. And you may deny it, opting for familiarity or normalcy that the ego previously manifested. Often this intense attraction is with somebody you would not intentionally be attracted to or even love, and the thought of being together with this person can leave one feeling confused and deluded. Remember not all twin flame relationships are romantic, so these feelings could occur between friends or even colleagues. Keep an open heart.
When you finally speak with one another, you will feel as though you’re talking to an old friend that you have known most of your life or even in past lives. There is a deep, profound instant connection that defies explanation. You will feel like you have finally found the piece of the puzzle that has been missing all this time, instantly making your life feel whole and complete. This stage won’t last long as your connection will deepen incredibly quickly, propelling you onto the next stage of this journey.

3. Awakening
You will find yourself effortlessly graduating towards your twin as you both awaken to the true context of who you are to each other. The structures of the lower vibrational third dimension will begin to dissolve in favour of this new-found enlightened love. You will find yourself suddenly compelled to shed the life you knew, before you even realised that you had outgrown it. Your twin will provide you with a sense of acceptance and safety, finally having found someone who sees your true nature – your darkness, your pain, your flaws, your humanity and vulnerability, without any judgement. And you see theirs, almost as if you were seeing your own in a mirror. You are on a course for complete healing and awakening at an extremely accelerated pace seemingly whether you are ready for it or not. The high level of acceptance and encouragement you receive from your twin is a safe haven where you can remove your masks and expose your dark sides, your supposed flaws, inadequacies, your shadow self. You can finally be your authentic self.

The energy you and your twin create together is the most powerful energy you will ever experience despite the latent confusion and denial. You will feel like you are suddenly in a place that you cannot turn away from.

4. Ascension
It will now dawn on you that this is no ordinary relationship and you will struggle to try and categorise it in the same way as other relationships. You realize that this is something profound and you will have to radically change the course of your life in order to hold on to this cosmic miracle you have stumbled upon. Remember that your twin flame is a mirror of yourself, so they will be the opposite of you in many ways, while also being similar. They will reflect or embody the exact behaviour, emotion or action that you need, even if you do not know that you do, so that you can access negative energies and karma, face them, and thereby cleanse yourself. All of a sudden, the blissful interaction that was, becomes painful, and full of anguish and despair. At this point it is important to realise that your twin knows you better than anyone. They are the other half of you, and you them. They will provide you with what you require to cleanse yourself of the old and embrace the new in preparation for a return to where you were both forged together. One is always older and more spiritually adept. However, in most cases, one of the pair – usually the less spiritually prepared, will discover that they don’t feel entirely prepared to handle the level of transformation that is personally required, and they will run.

5. Separation
This stage is also called the runner-chaser or push-pull stage as one twin runs away from the relationship while the other chases, unsure of what went wrong. So, begins a ‘dance’ that involves the chaser trying in vain to draw the runner back into the interaction, which only recently was so prolific. However, the more the chaser chases, the more the runner runs, staying as far away from the relationship as possible. This usually stems from a need to avoid facing the karmic and negative energies that the opposite twin is ‘mirroring’ in them and they choose to return to the life that they previously occupied, trying very hard to ignore the relationship. In the meantime, the chaser is mortified and heartbroken, feeling as though they have lost the other half of themselves, resulting in anger, despair, pining and even grief. The chaser will spend their time wondering if the opposite twin is thinking about them or whether they still feel the same way, becoming obsessed. The only way out is to shift focus away from the runner and the relationship itself, toward the elements that their twin has exposed in themselves and work through them.
The separation stage is the most important, albeit difficult of the process, as once the twins have begun ascension they are suddenly faced with negative energies that they must endure on their own and thereby purge themselves. Ultimately, the process is about introducing unconditional love to each other, and the world at large. And the only entity in the entire universe who can do this for you is your twin. For they will provide the necessary catalyst and speed that nobody or nothing else can, so that you may heal the parts of your that are hidden behind foreboding walls that have been erected over so many incarnations. They also will diligently ensure that you learn to love without condition, the one person that you have ignored for a long time – yourself.
The twin flame love is one that does not know the limitations and man-made structure of attachment in the form of wealth, status and possessions, or even social conventions such as matrimony. It does not know love that exists with conditions such as sex, race, religion, tokens of affection or obligation. It presents a polarized reality of true love through these preconceptions, and by doing so allows each twin to love all around them. Often a twin flame love will begin to unravel and infect everything that surrounds it with unbridled pure love tearing down walls of fear.

6. Alignment
The push-pull nature of the twins will continue, while the chaser twin learns that being fixated on the opposite twin is fruitless, and amidst thoughts of giving up, realises that the focus needs to shift toward themselves. A love for themselves is in fact a love for their twin. During this time, both twins will feel themselves growing closer, while their love becomes stronger than before. They can hear each other’s thoughts, see their actions and feel them so closely, it’s as though there are together physically. They can also sense each other’s emotions – elation and despair, and can send each other love and support when they need it.
Once they overcome the initial feelings of withdrawal, they settle into a state of equilibrium, realising that their connection is one that exists in a fifth dimensional higher vibration, and one that cannot be translated into a lower third dimensional existence – a common structured relationship that functions in social convention. It defies it.

7. Union
As a harmony begins to settle between the twins, they attract each other rather than repel. Energy from each other’s chakras align and they begin to feel more connected than ever.
Eventually the twins become energetically united and by this time all negative clutter is cleared, and they function as pure light, braced to carry out their divine or soul mission and assisting in the ascension of the entire planet.
However, it is also worth noting that union does not always guarantee a physical union. Often the twins will co-exist in complete union but will not be together. While a physical union may occur for some twins, others often spend their entire ascension process anticipating union. It is vital to realise that the twin flame process is about a catharsis of each individual twin by each other, toward self-love and unconditional love, creating the highest possible version of oneself, and not the fairy-tale romance that it has been portrayed as.

Fix Your Depression & Anxiety

You have a higher purpose. You’ve always felt it and yet somehow you have chosen to ignore it and settle for a life that is routed in a much lower state and vibration. In order to maintain this lower state, you have sought out stimulation in the form of a daily fix of subscription to social media, movies, television, music, fast food, sex, drugs and alcohol. You imagine yourself as an icon, predefined by the rest of the world – others like you, who seem to be addicted to the same things. It’s a vicious, cruel and brazen world where no prisoners are taken, and those that cannot conform wither into an unrecognised, unreported and weaker sub world that nobody cares to acknowledge, all because nobody wants to admit that they are secretly members too. But this world and its citizenship grows by the day, filling with new arrivals who have fallen from the supposed glossy surface with its manufactured personas that only illustrate flawless complexions, rose-tinted eyes, perfectly tanned lean bodies, vivacious personalities, flowing champagne, fast cars, unlimited cash and consequence free sex. This world has no time for old fashioned values, traditions, emotions, loyalty, love or meaning. It is disposable, a fleeting impression worth only the three-second ‘view’ or ‘like’. Maintaining this elaborate production is exhausting, draining of your precious Self, identity and individuality, like featuring in a 24-7 Big Brother style reality TV show of your own life. And that’s when things begin to flounder. All is not well. Maintaining this contrived persona becomes too much for a delicate constitution that was never designed for this. Like an overworked machine – no longer able to prop up a perpetual, everlasting charade – it fails. Running on empty – energy, mood and life force goes into low ebb. Low emotions prompt feelings of dread, despair and worthlessness and a tendency to cry at any moment, feeling like you are living under a grey cloud. Low vibration and energy leaves you unable to face the frenetic world during the day, but as the world quietens into slumber, you feel unusually revitalised, seeking to recharge by opting for stimulants such as drugs, alcohol, fast food and sugar, providing the fix you need to once again join the nation of stimulation. But while the rest of the world, who can by some limited measure keep their subscription to mesmerisation under control, sleep, you toil in the Twittersphere, blatantly denying your condition and only serving to further exacerbate it. Again, when this fire burns itself out and the fuel is exhausted, you crash and burn, useless to everything and everyone around you, especially yourself.
While I give you some empathy, for I myself have been there, YOU are the one who got yourself to this place. And only YOU can get yourself out. Modern medicine calls this affliction Depression and Anxiety, but we should call it what it really is – an addiction to stimulation. You are a Stimulation Mutation, and the only way to fix yourself is to cut off the drug at the supply. In this short book, I will provide you with 3 simple ways to fix this condition. It is simple, drug-free, and can be practised by anybody, anywhere. All you need is your own commitment, and you can return to health, well-being and happiness. You can choose your own destiny and in turn you can overcome anything if you just present enough will to do. Think about it. The amount of will each of us dedicates to being famous, popular, successful and wealthy, can easily be diverted toward creating change in our lives, even if it is just a little bit. Now that change will involve discipline and dedication. All I can say is – its up to you. If you are reading this then you probably sought out change in the first place, and knowledge finds those who truly seek it.
Now I know what you are going to say – that this is fault of the world. The media, social and otherwise, technology, convenience (beauty, food, drugs and alcohol), and so on, but as the parade went passed, you chose to cheer and then you didn’t stop there – you wanted to be a part of that parade, wanting to experience the jubilation every day and then every minute. Now you can’t do without it and you‘ve invented a ‘persona’, an unhealthy illusion of your true self that cannot be perpetually maintained and now you find yourself in a very deep, dark hole, hoping that somebody will just throw you a lifeline. And many have probably tried – family, friends, medical professionals. But the hardest part is that you feel like nobody understands or identifies with your predicament, because they can’t see how hard it is to be in this deep, dark hole, and you are fed-up of being down there at the bottom – cold and alone. Well in this book, I am going to jump in there with you, and your response might be; “Are you crazy? Now we are both stuck down here in this hole.”
But the difference is, is that I know how to get out, and I am going to show you how too.
The reality is that each and everyone has suffered from depression at some point in their lives. They are just capable of hiding it very well. Many have chosen not to speak of it for fear of ridicule or lack of empathy. Many still do suffer from it and will continue to bounce in and out of it depending on the particular circumstances in their lives. In the past, the affliction was misunderstood and misdiagnosed, with medical professionals baffled by it and unsure how to treat it. Indeed, much of this misunderstanding still exists, and the quick-fix seems to favour prescription of antidepressants. But often, recipients of this treatment, claim to not be themselves or are unable to live a normal life whilst on these drugs. Some also experience side-effects and for some the drugs simply do not work at all, leaving them worse off. If it is your intention not to resort to drugs and you would like to opt for a more holistic, spiritual approach that can heal you and further enhance your life, then read on and practise these simple techniques.

Excerpt from the novella ‘Fix Your Depression & Anxiety’  BUY NOW or Download a Free Excerpt!

Karma & Reincarnation Part Two

Karma and reincarnation teach us about the nature of relationships – some nurturing and blissful, others difficult and destructive, but necessary in our journeys. Many of us will encounter many different partners in a lifetime, while others just one. Each relationship brings with it an opportunity, depending on your specific karmic needs, to learn something about or from each other. Understanding this can mean the difference between growth or stagnation for each person, no matter how intricate or distressed the relationship.

Three principle types of relationships exist from the perspective of past life karma. The first is Soulmates who are learning the same lessons and dealing with similar karma. They are bound together in a collaborative karmic mission. You may end up having many such relationships through your karmic journey.

The second is Twin Flames. Your twin flame is your counterpart or other half. Like physical twins who share similar identities and traits, they share the same unique pattern of identity, and together you form a complete and whole divine reality and purpose. In the beginning, twin flames incarnated together, one as the masculine and the other as the feminine energy, to fulfil a spiritual mission, as cosmic lovers bound together through many incarnations. However, along the way, earthly temptations caused us to create separate negative karma, drawing us further away as we needed to resolve our debts with others and losing our connection with our one true cosmic love. You may not meet your twin flame in your present incarnation or they may not have even embodied yet. You may recognise your twin flame in this life, but because karma has an alternate plan, it is not meant to be at this present moment; but once each of you has resolved your respective debts, and you begin to give and receive more love, balancing the ego, you will be reunited by irresistible cosmic energies at the right time and place. However, even if you are reunited with your twin flame, this does not automatically guarantee a perfect, blissful relationship; you may have much unresolved karma between you to tend to. The key is to embrace an unconditional selfless love for everyone and everything and not become fixated with finding your ‘one’, which is counter-productive and may only create further karma in the process.

The third type of karmic relationship is that of Karmic Partners, between two people who have little in common, but perhaps have love for each other and have common karma, with each other and the group that surrounds them. They are drawn together to balance karma that they have set forth in the past. They may have abused or neglected each other, acted together to hurt others, and now together you must set things right. Karmic partners have intense, often love-hate relationships where they are constantly fighting yet cannot do without each other. Often these are paradoxical relationships that have been formed in a past life through hatred, fear and violence, and only through the intensity of love can this debt be balanced. These relationships can start as conflicted and rocky but blossom into a mutual love and admiration as the partners progress through life and balance karma. However, the relationship may end altogether as the karmic debts are resolved and there is a mutual need to part and begin relationships with others.

As you progress through life, embracing love and engaging the higher self, karma will begin to resolve, particularly as we enter the Age of Aquarius. We will encounter many more opportunities as the lines of our karmic journeys begin to converge, and we may end up in relationships that start with karmic partners, move through to soulmates and culminate with twin flames, or variations of these.

In our karmic journeys, we will also encounter people we have known before through some association, and the immediate attraction or recognition can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. These intuitive feelings must not be dismissed. Just because you have had a karmic association in the past does not mean you have one in the present, and this could only lead to the creation of further karma should you choose to involve yourself with this person or even a group of people again.

In discussions about karma, I have often been asked, if past life experience is so important, how is it that we cannot remember it? Surely, if we knew what we did or whom we hurt, then we could set things right with significant clarity rather than being hidden behind the veil of the forgotten. My response is – how would you like to go through life having knowledge of every single significant occurrence recorded in the higher self over the sum of all of your previous lives, let alone the choices you have made to resolve them in this present incarnation? Furthermore, the trauma of your actions in the past could severely affect and inhibit your present incarnation in a detrimental way, causing further karma. How comfortable would you be to find out that you were a murderer, or by your actions or inactions caused the deaths of many, or were the abuser in a violent relationship? Better to trust in the nature of the marvellous manner in which the law of experience is constructed, and simply accept your important place in it.

Karma is also not fate. Karma is the condition of the cause and effect of our choices. Nothing is final until we make it final by our actions, and nothing is predestined until we make it so.

On the other hand, avoiding karma can be a temptation, particularly when we are confronted by an opportunity that we fail to realise is karmic, and we evade the experience. It is only natural to avoid the encounters that we find difficult to deal with, especially when the lesson is painful or cuts to the core of what requires change. However, pain and suffering are the best teachers. It helps us grow and evolve, bringing us closer to the higher self and eventually the source. We have chosen to incarnate in our own present set of circumstances, with lessons through experiences to make resolutions. Therefore, should we avoid them, we neglect them only to have them return with greater magnitude and in harsher circumstances. So, the longer you avoid, the greater the suffering, despite the lesson remaining the same throughout.

The purpose of karma and reincarnation is to balance our karmic debts during our sojourn on Earth so that we may become more of our higher self. Once this occurs, we free ourselves from the burden of rebirth. When the lower self and the higher self are in perfect balance, space and time lose their hold, and we ascend to our origin or universal source.

By understanding that karma presents the opportunity for us to resolve our outstanding debts, we must also learn to take a different perspective when these opportunities appear.

When someone or something negative appears in our lives, we must stop and take a minute to explore what opportunity for self-improvement this situation warrants, taking the path that begs us to ask, did I act this way in the past thus resulting in this present situation, and what do I need to learn or experience? Often it may just mean that we must experience the pain or emotional distress that we have acted upon someone else in the past. Then, with understanding and love, accept the experience and our role in it, no matter how difficult or unjust, and ultimately forgive or ask for forgiveness.

Excerpt from the forthcoming Self-help novel ‘Be Your Higherself’ by Samesh Ramjattan

Karma & Reincarnation Part One

Let’s take stock of what we have covered so far. At this point you should be of the realisation that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are constructed out of the same elements as the entire cosmos. Remember: I AM.

You are composed of two key parts: a higher self, or feminine energy, which connects you to the cosmos, and a lower self, or masculine energy, which keeps you grounded. Residing in the lower self is the ego which is linked to fear, while the higher self promotes love.

A balance of the higher and lower self, feminine and masculine energies ensures happiness, harmony and well-being for you and your environment.

The increase in high vibrational transformational frequencies generated by the earth’s entry into the Age of Aquarius, means change is inevitable.

And now prepare yourself for what is going to be the most complicated and controversial topic in this book. The one that will leave you with boundless recurring questions, conflicts and analysis, guaranteed to question your very existence. Like life itself, we must soldier on; and I assure you the importance of this chapter will have untold implications for you.

We’ve all been there. Confronted by one of those situations in life where you wonder how this could happen to me and why. Why do bad things happen to good people? No matter how much you try, nothing ever changes. You encounter pain, suffering diseases or illnesses that plague you constantly, and no matter how much medical treatment you receive, you never get better.

Believe it or not, much of this has to do with karma. If you think about the talents or privileges you were born with, or, in retrospect, the challenges or limitations of your life, then this is down to karma. Karma is simply the actions of the past, whether the immediate or distant past, that we ourselves have set in motion, manifesting itself in the present.

We have all heard the phrases bandied about – ‘What goes around comes around’, ‘You reap what you sow’, ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’, and ‘Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!’ The bottom line is – whatever you do or say will come full circle and bite you in the ass! With equal impetus, if not more.

Karma is the law of the cosmos. Just like gravity maintains cosmic order, karma maintains the order of experience. It is the balancing equation of cause and effect. Just as everything in existence from the atom to the cosmos is moving towards equilibrium, so are we.

Therefore, everything that we do or say in our lives, whether good or bad, will affect the outcome of our lives whether now, later, or in the next life.

Reincarnation is the opportunity to set things right, another chance to correct the things we may have said or done in the past. It is inescapable. The equation must be balanced, and all debts must be settled by the close of play. If not, you will carry them to the next game.

Karma and reincarnation help us make sense of the questions in our lives that present no simple answers. All of us have felt the burden of consignment in our lives, asking why we are experiencing a particular set of experiences and suffering – where no matter what we do or where we go, we cannot escape our destiny, be it in our jobs, relationships, family or health.

The answers to many of these questions lie rooted in our karmic pasts, carefully woven into the mission log of the higher self. The journey through birth, maturity and death, and then the renewed opportunity of rebirth. Karma and reincarnation explain that our journey is like the seasons; where spring greens and budding blooms must eventually perish in autumn and winter and then sprout once again in spring from the seeds of its previous incarnation. Similarly, our higher selves harness the seeds of our new life based on our previous incarnations – we are what we have made for thousands of years.

The Sanskrit word karma means ‘word’, ‘deed’ or ‘act’, but more broadly describes the principle of cause and effect. Simply stated, karma is the law of action and reaction which governs the higher self. It is the law that states that every mental, emotional and physical act, no matter how insignificant, is projected outward and eventually returns to the individual with equal impact.

The higher self chakra faithfully records these impressions during its series of earthly lives. Karma is both our greatest benefactor – returning the good we have enacted upon others, and a teacher – that allows us to learn from our mistakes. Although some think this is punishment, particularly when the lessons are unfavourable, this is not the case; the law of karma is rooted in the law of love. The recurring opportunity to learn from the consequences of our actions is the greatest love. Karma teaches us to centre our lives in love – to resolve debts that we have with others and by these actions establish the balance we crave in the higher self.

In the very beginning, as the cosmos evolved, powerful strains of energy and cosmic elements amalgamated to form sparks. They were pure and continued to bind with other elements in the cosmos, moving further and further away from the source of their creation. Eventually, they embodied with planetary elements to form primitive life in a constant evolution. Their sole purpose is to evolve beyond the material that they have embodied and evolved into and return to the source from which they came.

We all live with these divine sparks that reside in the higher self. In the beginning, these early incarnations were spiritual beings charged with keeping the higher spiritual consciousness alive on Earth. However, somewhere along the line we ‘fell’ from the higher state of consciousness as the allure of the human ego tempted us away from the higher, divine spark. We ‘forgot’ our true selves and real purpose, becoming centred on the ego rather than the higher self. In our preoccupation with protecting the lower self, we harmed each other and created karma, thereby becoming trapped in the karmic cycle, unable to evolve until these debts were settled. Therefore, the higher self has a dual purpose – to provide impetus to resolve karmic debt and fulfil its original purpose to rejoin the source of its creation.

But how does this grand scheme of things have a bearing on the daily occurrences of my life, I hear you ask?

The law of cause and effect is represented in the form of energy, which, put simply, means the energy of our positive deeds returns to us as positive energy, manifesting love, happiness, wealth and well-being. The energy of negative deeds returns in the form of opportunities for us to correct these deeds. As an example, if you have betrayed someone’s trust then what will return is a situation where your trust will be betrayed, presenting the opportunity to experience the feeling of betrayal and thereby learn from it.

However, all too often, we opt for the convenient and even cynical explanations for such occurrences – Life is cruel to me or This is just the way of the world. It is what it is – is my favourite!

The apathetic and lazy nature of the ego makes it easier to dismiss these situations with careless disregard, rather than as an intuitive introspective approach into the causes that indeed lie within the motivations of our own actions.

A perfect example of this is the movie Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray as an obnoxious, egotistical TV weatherman who is forced to cover Groundhog Day in the small town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. By a strange twist of fate, he wakes up every morning repeating the exact same events of that day. As he grows to understand his predicament, his initial thought is to engage in selfish acts of fun, excitement and attempting to seduce Andie MacDowell’s more righteous character, which she resists vehemently. His short-lived stimulation soon turns to despair, leading to several suicide attempts. However, his failure turns to compassion, selfless giving and self-improvement which help him break the cycle and find true love.

The movie is a modern-day parable for the cycle of karma in our lives. By our previous actions, we will repeat the same scenario over and over, with the same characters, until we learn from our selfish actions, embrace compassion and give of ourselves selflessly. By these actions, love, joy, wealth and well-being find us. The opposite is a perpetuation of the cycle, bringing despair and feelings of dread, dysfunction and disease, from which there is no escape, and the effects of which only worsen.

But how do you determine an important karmic-related lesson when it presents itself in the other less prolific moments in your life?

To persevere through the throes of modern living and constantly stop by the side of the road to determine whether a significant karmic event has occurred every time somebody cuts you off in traffic or steals your parking space, would be near enough impossible. In the following chapters I will present life-changing techniques and practices that will transform and transcend your past, helping you to recognise the opportunities for improvement.

Karmic lessons are the ‘wake-up calls’ that demand our attention and appear often in small doses, or, if ignored, large severe bouts. There is no good and bad karma; there is self-created experience that presents opportunities for advancement of the higher self. When we can’t draw lessons from the karma, we resist and/or resent it, lashing out with mental, emotional or physical force. Then the original substance of that karmic event is spent and no longer exists, but the current reaction creates a new condition of harsher karma.

There are three categories of karma: Past – the sum total of past life karma, yet to be resolved, Present – that portion of past karma being experienced in the present life, and Future – karma you are presently creating. However, past negative karma can be altered into a smoother, easier state through love and righteous living through balancing of the ego and selfless giving. That is the key to karmic wisdom. Live righteously and you will create positive karma for the future and soften negative karma of the past.

Karma operates not only individually, but also in ever-enlarging circles of group karma, where we participate in the sum karma of multiple souls. This includes family, community, nation, race and religion, even planetary group karma.

The karma we experience first in life is with family, most notably parents and therefore is the most crucial to deal with. There might be plenty to resolve with your family or there might be little, which facilitates a loving and nurturing relationship. Whichever the case, we incarnate together to help, inspire and support each other through each other’s journeys.

Often, we will embody together in the same family, but in different roles. Parent will become child and vice versa. It is important to note that we choose the family that will provide the most appropriate course for the resolution of your own karma. This includes a family in which you may never have embodied before but which will provide the perfect setting for your journey to unfold. This includes families where parents or siblings are in conflict or abusive. It will all depend on the intricacies of the karma that must be resolved individually and as a group.

A child may embody in a family with an abusive parent to resolve karma from a previous life where they were abusive to their children. A person who did many good deeds in one life and then embodies in the family of a powerful, respectable and wealthy family only to abuse this standing and cause the suffering and mistreatment of others, will reincarnate in a family of poor or modest means to learn the lesson of compassion and understanding toward others who are less fortunate. A child with physical disabilities may embody in a compassionate family, who through their love and support and experience of dealing with similar children in previous lives, will help the child deal with its karmic journey. Similarly, children being adopted by families do not occur by chance or accident. A natural birth plays no part in the specification of karma in the lives of children and their parents. Abortion denies the child the embodiment and journey that it needs to resolve, unbalancing the karma for all parties, child and family, upsetting the grand creative plan. This then just further compounds future karma.

To be continued in Part Two…

Excerpt from the forthcoming Self-help novel ‘Be Your Higher Self’ by Samesh Ramjattan.

The Age of Aquarius

Resist the need to break into the song from the ‘flower power’ musical.

This is an astrological age, which occurs because of a real motion of Earth known as the precession of the equinoxes, which, lasts 25,800 years through the 12 constellations of the Zodiac. Each age therefore lasts around 2,150 years. From around 2000 B.C. to 0 A.D. we were in the Age of Aries and from 0 A.D. to the present we have been in the Age of Pisces.

Astrology is an ancient art and science dating back thousands of years. It appears in many cultures, but as with most ancient wisdom, much of it has been concealed and forbidden from public knowledge and many great minds throughout the ages have practiced astrology, despite its modern scepticism.

Nikola Tesla said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

In Western astrology, we are transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. In ancient Hindu Vedic astrology, we are at the beginning of the end of a 300-cycle transition period at the end of the Kaliyuga Age.

In his essay, “The Aquarian Shift: What will be Different?”, S. S. Khalsa writes that the Piscean age was an age of darkness, a time when spirituality reached its lowest point and moral virtue was lost. Wickedness, disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish and fear of scarcity dominate while compassion, charity, goodwill and selflessness fall into disuse.

However, for the next 2000 years we will be in the Aquarian Age which began on December 21, 2012.

Many people go their whole lives without caring or knowing if they are a Pisces, or a Gemini, or what their moon or rising sign is. This change to the Aquarian age is so important because it changes the astrological conditions for the entire planet and every person is affected by this shift.

You don’t have to be a genius to observe that these descriptions accurately reflect our society’s progression. As we’ve moved through modern history, this past age is coming to an end, a conclusion marked by a time when global tensions have never been so high, and humanity has indeed experienced the most darkness.

The Aquarian Age will be dominated by networks and information, a reconnection of all living things with each other, humans, animals, the environment, the stars and of course ultimately the cosmos. A celebration of truth and love where nothing is secret anymore, all information is available to all, ending the control of individuals, organisations and governments on each other. Where the Piscean age was organized in a structure of hierarchies, rooted in the energy of the masculine, the Aquarian Age is opening the world up to true equality, rooted in the feminine energy.

During this age, the focus is no longer on your identity and existence, but on accepting yourself as a balanced individual, surrendering the Ego and its falsehood and connecting with the higher self within you.

During this age the planet and the stars are at the closet point to the centre of our galaxy and therefore the level of high frequency energy is at its highest in almost the full cycle of 25 800 years. This leads to a rise in the vibrational frequency of the entire planet, virtually purging low vibrational frequencies such as pain, unhappiness and discord, enforcing change.

With this understanding, it is easier to comprehend what has been happening in the world and in each other as the impetus for personal transformation, such as self-awareness and self- improvement, has never been stronger. However, there has also been a major increase in depression, suicide, anxiety, stress, and drug use, both pharmaceutical and recreational by those who resist this change.

This shift is bringing out the best and the worst in mankind. Some people are preparing for this shift by opening their hearts and minds and embracing this new age, while others are intimidated by the changes that they don’t understand and remain defiant or rooted in the past that has served them well. It is however a change that cannot be hidden from and no matter how long it takes and how painful it is, it will happen.

Transformation is never a painless process, and much like childbirth, there is the initial pain that produces the joy of new life. Presently every person on planet Earth is experiencing this shift, heading into a time of radical change, and great potential growth and expansion, but it is also a time of great potential pain and suffering.

The Age of Aquarius is causing great turmoil to pave the way for the new values of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. Everything with Piscean values is being exposed and destroyed, including governments, corporations, individuals, and even personal relationships. Many call this a disaster, as the world appears to be falling apart, but is it?

The Aquarian Age points to the direction of our own evolution in the higher self and we are each being asked to make a choice. We can cling to the old outdated values or adopt the new evolving ones. Our happiness and peace depend on our choice and the change will take place whether we like it or not.

The Indigo children, born in this Age, are here to help us embrace this awakening with values of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. These children possess increased spiritual sensitivity, have stronger ties to these values, and will be leading those around them, even their own parents.

This coming new era will usher in a period of group consciousness. The individual becomes the universal while still maintaining individuality. Personal Identity will be lost for the good of the whole. Yet personal spiritual identity will remain intact.

I AM = The cosmos.

In a new and developed consciousness everything will be given freely on demand to meet any need and those in tune with their higher self will not lack anything, giving out selfless love and receiving the same. We will realise that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience,” instead of human beings having a worldly experience. Spirit and matter will merge and function as one.

So, if you’ve come this far then maybe you’ll be prepared to come a bit further as we explore why we are all here in the first place and what we need to learn in order to change.

Excerpt from the forthcoming book ‘Be Your Higher Self’ by Samesh Ramjattan.

Love is all you need

Do you remember the first time you ever fell in love? That feeling of sheer joy and all-consuming wonder. The belief that there is somebody out there who wants to be with you. Another person who could make you feel so special, appreciated, cared for and altogether complete. The feeling that just being with that person is enough – with no need for anything else, even the basic needs of life such as food or water. Many have claimed to be love sick or dying from a broken heart in a Greek or Shakespearean tragedy such as Romeo & Juliet.

Poets have laboured over sonnets and musicians have belted out tunes in celebration or commiseration of it. Yet it is intangible and invisible, but we know it is there – the love for a partner, parent, family member and even pet.

We require no formula, equation or alchemy to prove its existence, we accept with blind belief and take for granted that it’s energy is prevalent, binding and comforting us.

However, for so many of us love eludes. It is becoming an extinct practice with many unschooled and estranged to this integral aspect of blissful existence, that should come as natural as adolescence or old age. These days, many have turned to dating apps and websites to find love, sifting through sets of attributes to match compatibility in a modern form of arranged courtship. Others have chosen to abandon the pursuit altogether, opting for casual sexual acquaintances or resigning themselves to solitary lives of loneliness and self-involvement, choosing career, wealth and lifestyle to compensate for the pangs of love.

As the ills of modern living such as movies, television, and the smartphone begin to influence and control practically every facet of our lives, creating a ‘blue-dot’ generation of individuals with attention solely focused on themselves and little else. Each portraying pre-conceived images of themselves, their behaviour and their sexuality, while love and its proponents have little or no chance of pervading.

What has resulted is a generation of overstimulated egos, programmed to live under the spectre of a fear related zeitgeist, that can hardly fathom, let alone experience and propagate the pure emotion and act of love.

However, as gloomy as these prospects sound, there is hope yet, and as I mentioned in the earlier posts, ‘turning down’ or rebalancing the intensity of the Ego is the way back. For indeed love is the answer and it will demonstrate itself in all its glory once the Ego and its henchmen of fear are vexed.

There are principally only two major emotions – Love and Fear.

All positive emotions come from love, all negative emotions from fear. From love flows happiness, contentment, peace, and joy. From fear comes anger, hate, anxiety and guilt.

The higher self or true self is an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self. Hinduism defines the higher self as your inner reality or Atma, part of the absolute reality or Brahman, which is the inseparable connection with the Cosmos, all bundled together within yourself. Everyone has a Higher self. Christianity and Buddhism relate to this notion as well but let us not stray into religious territory.

The higher self is our spirit guide through the course of our lives, connected to the planet, stars and cosmos, energised by love and more importantly ensuring we maintain our karmic path. More on this later.

The Ego or Lower Self is our mind and body guide, essential for life’s existence and instrumental in free will, but prone to desire, stimulation and energised by fear.

Both are vital in ensuring a balanced fruitful life. However, often the low vibration of the Ego, ends up overstimulated and fears such as failure, survival, rejection, inadequacy, intimacy, unpredictability, uncertainty and death, create symptoms of anxiety, loneliness, anger, hatred, isolation, stress and physical symptoms such as illness and disease.

The world now celebrates this permanent state of repression as normal, defining this current state as our reality, however it is down to each of us to re-establish the connection to our higher selves, and by doing so change our existence.

Balancing the Ego

To better understand how the mind or the brain is hard-wired and its effects on the Ego, we must also explore the masculine and feminine energies that co-exist within us.

We are all born male or female, but we are not born masculine or feminine. We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us, yet we may not be fully aware of what these look like or that they even exist. Furthermore, most of us are content to believe that these energies simply define our behaviour in the form of gender alone.

Masculine energy is independent and analytical, representing our left brain and body. When it is used properly, it is assertive, practical, and visionary. When masculine energy is unbalanced and dominates our existence it draws on the Ego, perpetuating anger, resentment, and inner conflict that disconnects our higher selves from our bodies, inhibiting the flow of energy between the body’s energy points or chakras. The masculine is a necessary trait, for it supports the growth of a balanced Ego, financial stability, family, shelter, and organization.

Feminine energy is an intelligent and loving energy that contains the quality of our intuition, compassion, emotion, empathy, and truth. When you are strong in your feminine, you have a strong connection to your body, intuition, receptivity, dreams, and emotion. It is a necessary counterbalance to the masculine and you can make decisions based on what you feel in your heart. Feminine energy is a creative, right-brain and body energy. Yet, if we are too much in our feminine, we can come across as weak and lose our personal sense of power.

Both energies are vital for effective existence, however if these energies are unbalanced, they promote discord, unhappiness and illness. A practice that we will explore later is Alternate nostril breathing. This is an uplifting and calming breathing practice that works directly with the right and left sides of the body and brain to cultivate harmony and mental clarity, promoting energy flows that helps clear blocked energy streams in the body and a reconnection with the higher self.

Once you begin to understand that having some sort of energetic balance brings you into wholeness, your softness and strength that will rebalance the Ego with the higher self.

In the movie The Matrix, Keanu Reeves plays the computer hacker Neo who never quite fits into the world around him and believes that there is something more than the illusion around him. His suspicions are confirmed when he is introduced to the real world, in which human beings exist to serve a superior machine world, who have constructed an elaborate Matrix to keep enslaved humans in a state of contented illusion. As Neo awakes and comes to terms with reality of this predicament, love releases him from the fears related to living in this illusion and he realises his higher self, recognising his true purpose of changing the world around him.

In the subsequent sequels, we discover that there have been many versions of Neo, having many different experiences that have brought him to this point, in which he must ascend back the source of his creation. A perfect allegory for karma and ascension to the realms. We will discuss this later.

Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’. This means the state of the world is down to our doing and making. It is therefore our responsibility to change. It is not down to the politicians, leaders, scientists, or even your idiot of a neighbour, whom you believe should change first, before you will. Ultimately you get what you give, and your selfish actions return to you as, you guessed it – selfish acts.

Your change means World change. Remember: I AM. You are the same cosmic dust as the whole cosmos, pre-loaded with an intrinsic, powerful, cosmic linked guide called the higher self.

This means love, happiness, charity, goodwill, compassion, tolerance and understanding of each other. And while this may not happen overnight like some fairy-tale wave of a magical wand, the cosmos has cut us a break with the most important time in the age of our planet as we know it – the age of Aquarius.

Excerpt from the forthcoming book ‘Be Your Higher Self’ by Samesh Ramjattan.

Good Vs Evil – The Ego

The Good versus Evil ideology has been with us since ancient times as a common dichotomy, where evil is usually perceived as the dualistic antagonistic opposite of good, in which good should prevail and evil should be defeated. These ideas evolved from ancient Persia almost five thousand years ago from a simplification of early gods into two opposing forces of; illuminating wisdom and the destructive spirit, which were in conflict.

This idea developed further in the western world into various religious sects, some of which embraced an extreme dualistic belief that the material world should be shunned, and the spiritual world should be embraced.
Good typically deals with an association with life, charity, continuity, happiness, love and justice. Evil is typically associated with conscious and deliberate wrongdoing, discrimination designed to harm others, humiliation of people designed to diminish their psychological needs and dignity, destructiveness, and acts of unnecessary and/or indiscriminate violence.

Most human beings exhibit behaviours of good and evil, and these co-exist in a duality at constant odds with each other, and not as singular concept or perspective.

The famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung was forever saying that ‘wholeness for humans depends on the ability to own their own shadow because he recognised that only finding understanding of our dark side could end the underlying insecurity in us humans about our fundamental goodness and worth, and, in so doing, make us ‘whole’. [1] This wholeness represents this complete and complex duality, encompassing both good and evil, yin and yang, as a full spectrum.

Like any diagnosis for change, there involves a degree of pain. In this case let us rip the band-aid off and allow the healing to begin.
Firstly, what is the Ego? I am sure you have heard it time and time again, banded about by Psychiatrists and Psychologists particularly by its architect Sigmund Freud. Quite simply the Ego is the conscious mind, which provides us with our sense of identity and an inflated feeling of pride in the superiority of others. And it is this mechanism in our central programming that makes us see ourselves as individuals striving for prolonged self-determination. In other words, as long as I am better off than others, I am better off by myself.

Abraham Maslowe, the American psychologist proposed the theory that we all have basic human needs for survival; primitive and life sustaining, which ensures our lives are liveable.  However, even at this level where many still clamour to simply survive, the Ego takes pride in making us drive to compete with each other. The basic premise is that it makes us compete on an individual level, continuously striving to make us feel better about ourselves, by feeling better than everybody else. In many of the poorest slums of the world where food, shelter and clean drinking water are enviable luxuries, people are sporting satellite dishes, flat-screen televisions and the latest mobile phones. Symbols of opulence that once were limited to only the very wealthy now reside in the homes of many low-income families.

One doesn’t have to look very far to confirm that the desire for material wealth spurn on merchants all too eager to sell us the latest gizmo or gadget, fashion apparel or entertainment, keeping us mesmerised in a state of zombie-like consumerism. All of it fuelled by a desire to be better than the next person. In this insatiable desire to compete and have a piece of the next big thing, most us of will invariable place ourselves in large amounts of debt, end up working unhealthy hours in jobs we despise, so that we may service this addiction and ultimately never be satisfied until it is too late.

It is no secret that the capitalist economy has worked tirelessly ensuring that the marketing machine serves the needs and desires of the Ego to keep us consuming. Consumption equals sales and profit. Sales and profit equals wealth creation. Wealth creation equals stocks and commodities. Stocks and commodities equal national economies of scale. National economies of scale equal globalism and geo-politics. Globalism and geo-politics equals war and exploitation.

Perhaps this is an oversimplification of the world as the way it stands. Surely the purchase of a Prada handbag or acquiring the latest iPhone isn’t responsible for all that?
In isolation. No.
But in the larger context, just as the grain of sand or the droplet of water forming the desert or the ocean respectively, the effects are powerful enough to have catastrophic consequences like any sandstorm or tsunami.

So where does it end? The world doesn’t stop even if we want to get off. The Ego, however is the smaller part of a greater enterprise residing within all of us.

This greater enterprise meant to be the driving factor in our lives but one which we have chosen to forget and even ignore. The Higher self. This is the Big Mac, the Big Brother, the Big Kahuna; pre-installed and interconnected it is designed to withstand all that comes our way. It represents this innate duality, the interwoven inner conflict that exists in us all – and the one that until now has been on the ropes, being silently defeated. It is the more prolific counterpart to the Lower Self, which houses the Ego.

If the lower self and Ego represents a rubber dingy, then the higher self is the aircraft carrier, complete with defences, communications, sophisticated radar, networking, GPS and maps. The higher self, this super-computer which holds the key to our purpose on this planet, has intimate and in-depth knowledge of the make-up of who and what we are. Along with the trajectory that we must follow in order to avoid the pitfalls such as illness, unhappiness, lack of success and wealth and poor unfulfilled relationships.

However, most of us choose to leave this behemoth in port, under-utilizing its real potential, and only occasionally using it in the form of intuition, gut-feeling or sixth sense. What’s more, when our body or consciousness is under threat from the strife of life we turn to the resourcefulness of the ego and its finite energies to counteract. In these stormy seas this rubber dingy is overwhelmed providing little or temporary refuge.

While our higher self lies dormant, it becomes the task of the lesser-equipped Ego, whose only function is to ultimately assert our identity in the form of free-will, to maintain the equilibrium of body, mind and soul. Given that this mechanism feeds on fear rather than love, it therefore responds to, and quantifies all related emotions. Rational fears such as failure, survival, rejection, inadequacy, intimacy, unpredictability, uncertainty, death, as well as irrational fears, or common phobias such as ghosts, the existence of evil powers, cockroaches, spiders, snakes, heights, water, flying, enclosed spaces, tunnels, bridges, needles, exams and public speaking. These create symptoms of anxiety, loneliness, anger, hatred, isolation, stress and physical symptoms such as illness and disease. Ring any bells yet?

Capitalists, who themselves are full of fear, are all too eager to prey on these symptoms and have spent billions in research and development, trying to better understand these symptoms and behaviours so that they may position products and services that pander to these fears. From clothing, cars, and beauty products all tailored to make us feel better about ourselves and counter our feelings of inadequacy, failure or rejection. Technology and devices that help us manage our work-life balance, information, media, personal and leisure activities, helping us counter fears of unpredictability, uncertainty and stress and making us more competitive. Health products and services that help us deal with our fear of disease, illness and death, as well as, safety and security products that counter our fears and phobias of survival and again death. Whole economies whose foundations are built and unashamedly propped up by the media, on the premise that we live in a constant state of paranoia, so these products and services give us the illusion of temporary safety and respite from our self-induced fear.

With such an elaborate and complex system of illusion that has so many of us entranced and over-stimulated, how can it be possible to do anything lasting about it? The answer to this is simple. And as I mentioned earlier, it all lies with us. Each and every one. The answer is to open our eyes to this illusion. Like any intoxicating drug the only way to cease the habit is to first admit that one has a problem. Once this is accomplished, then the rest of the treatment is simple and achievable.

However, for many of us with spiralling amounts of personal debt, poor health and a generally unhappy demeanour, trapped in a fear-fuelled vicious cycle, this will be the most difficult step.

The only way is to cut the drug off at the supply, and to do this we must ‘dull’ or ‘rebalance’ the Ego.

Excerpt from forthcoming book – “Be Your Higher Self”


Preview from forthcoming self-help novel: ‘Be Your Higher Self’

I have titled this chapter I am simply because it is the first step in our journey together. Well what are you? And if you define yourself by the usual means such as occupation – Doctor, Lawyer, IT Consultant, then you are missing the point. I’ll pose the question again – what are you? This time avoid the labels that society has drummed into us that seem to circle around occupational status, marital status, community status, financial status, pet status, property status, national status – you get the picture!
There is a wonderful obituary exercise that perpetuates this myth where one is asked to write what they would like to hear when they become worm food and true to form most answers are littered with status and glory, never “So and so died today lonely and unfulfilled leaving behind a string of debts”. Often this is the truth, but something about the indomitable human spirit always echoes attachment to illusion and falsehood even if it isn’t the accurate truth.

Your answer to this central question “what are you?” and not to confuse the philosophical question “who are you?” is fundamental to our journey together. The reason? It emphasises the level of importance you place on, yourself, (in an unselfish way), your predicament, the world and finally the cosmos.

If your answer is:
I am myself or me, just as everything is me and I am everything then we are on the right track.

But maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves.

What I am trying to get at is that is that even though we are part of a much greater system – towns, cities, counties, continents, planets, star systems, galaxies, cosmos, multiverses and who knows what lies further, each and every element is also a part of you.

Allow me to illustrate. The sea is made up of countless water droplets, each one when placed together capable of providing the calmest swimming paradise or a violent all-consuming tsunami. The relationship between the droplet that falls as rain and the limitless ocean cannot be separated, and even as children we understand perfectly the synergy that exists between the two.

We know this of the desert. The coarse flowing sand that runs through our hands and falls to our feet forms the endless dunes that is the desert. Its magnificence, form and existence are apparent to us without doubt or question.

Therefore, the ocean is the water droplet and the water droplet the ocean. The desert is the grain of sand and the grain of sand is the desert. Both are elements of each other. The only difference is the size of the water droplet and the grain of sand, which the human mind is trained to focus on. Fundamentally however, the relationship between these two elements, water droplet and sea, sand and desert, are undeniable. They are one and the same – inseparable and both ultimately containing the similar molecular make up.

So, just as the water droplet is the ocean, you are everything and everything is you. And if we ignore the limitations of the human mind which is trained to focus on size and detail, YOU are constituted of the cosmos and the cosmos is constituted of you – boundless and magnificent. You are one and the same.

With this in mind, the words I am is an assertion of what you are in the Cosmos in relation to all living things. You are made from the same Cosmic dust that is the very fabric of the Cosmos, and therefore in the same way the whole Cosmos is made from you.

Therefore, I AM the Cosmos

The most popular theory of the origin of the cosmos centres on a cataclysm unmatched in all of history – the Big Bang. This theory was born of the observation that other galaxies are moving away from our own at great speed, in all directions, as if they had all been propelled by an ancient explosive force.

Big Bang proponents suggest that some 10 billion to 20 billion years ago, a massive blast allowed all the cosmos’s known matter and energy – even space and time themselves, to spring from some ancient and unknown form of energy.

The theory maintains that, in the instant (a trillion-trillionth of a second) after the Big Bang, the cosmos expanded with incomprehensible speed from its pebble-size origin to astronomical scope. This expansion has apparently slowly continued over the ensuing billions of years.

Scientists can’t be sure exactly how the cosmos evolved after the Big Bang. Many believe that as time passed, and matter cooled, more diverse kinds of atoms began to form, and they condensed into the stars, galaxies, planets and of course, eventually us.

Therefore, YOU are made up of the very same cosmic dust as the collective cosmos, galaxies, stars and planets. Ultimately, we are all trying to reconnect with that mystical force that binds and connects all living things.

However, one thing stops us. The mind and more importantly the Ego, seated within. More on this in the next chapter.

You may think that this is an altogether much too simple explanation of the theory of the Cosmos and indeed our relationship and place in it. I could spend the rest of this chapter corroborating this with examples from current research on particle physics. But in this age of information technology, I encourage you to take some time to do your own research and come up with your own ideas and conclusions that might debunk mine.

This book is about action. Action for you and you alone. I do not intend it to be a platform for a lengthy debate that only serves to delay our journey together, muddy the water and ultimately confuse and discourage any substantial change. There are many people out there, who chose to focus on the size of the grain of sand or the water droplet, without realising that they along with the rest of us are a desert or an ocean, and together we can be so much more boundless and magnificent.

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